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Rust shortens the life of your vehicle & ruins its appearance, greatly reducing its resale value. The simple truth is that vehicles rust. In fact, they start rusting from the moment the steel is made. Fin Corrosion Control Rust Module forms a permanent barrier between the metal panels of the vehicle and the elements of nature to prevent corrosion.
Many people believe that road salt is the most common cause of vehicle rust. It certainly helps promote corrosion but the number one cause of vehicle rust is condensation. Moisture creeps into your vehicles seams and crevasses where this condensation acts as a conductor to promote rust. Electrolysis? is another major contributor to vehicle rust whereby different types of metal on a vehicle actually generate an electrical current that actually accelerates corrosion! Protect your investment.

The Enemy:
Condensation, Freezing Water, Electrochemical Corrosion, Humidity, Spot Welding, Road Salt

ELECTRONIC Rust Corrosion Control Module Auto Rust Warrior For Cars/Trucks/Vans

This module is a new environmental approach to winning the war on rust. It's a microprocessor that generates a repetitive pulsing surface current which reduces the oxidation of metal. The current is distributed to both sides of the car's sheet metal panels, including the floorboards and above the window line. Extra areas that conventional products cannot reach, such as the roof and inseams, are also protected with this method. Scientific studies show that the Corrosion Control Module can reduce the rate of corrosion by up to 99.7%. This is a very cost effective and reliable device for your vehicle. Investment made in pennies with great benefits. Uses very less power from your battery to keep your vehicle body alive. This unit can be used for all makes and models. It can be installed on ATV'S, RV'S, boats and even hybrid vehicles.

Input Voltage: 12 Volt DC.
Ground: (-) Negative.
Current Draw: 0.3 mAmp
Impressed current 2Hz Frequency speed of electrons pumping.

Command Module Size:
Anode: 50mm X 50 mm.
Weight: 230g.

The Auto Rust Warrior Rust Control module attaches to your regular car battery and draws about as much current as your cars clock. Over every 8 second cycle it emits a surge of "free" electrons throughout your vehicle to the very places your car has lost its protective paint and coatings (through stone chips, scratches, and abrasions) and "shields" these exposed areas from harm. The charge is too small to be noticed; however the free electrons interfere with the rusting process and retard rust and corrosion significantly.
Auto Rust Warrior is one of a kind and substantially extends auto body life through Electrolyte capacities discharge oxidation interference, a form of impressed current technology.

The Auto Rust Warrior Rust Control module include:
- 1 Built-in conductive pad
- 1 Gray wire for body
- 2 flashing LED. Red & Blue that indicate the product is functioning correctly.
- 1Over voltage safety Fuse.
- 1Black -ve Battery wire
- 1Read +ve Battery wire
- 1 Installation instruction
- 1 Packing bag along need full connectors and screws.

Scientifically Tested!

The Auto Rust Warrior module is based on the principle that corrosion is an electrochemical reaction, oxidization, which can be controlled electronically. The rusting process begins with the loss of negative electrons that permit iron and oxygen to combine to form rust. The faster iron combines with oxygen, the faster the metal deteriorates. The metal body of a vehicle has a more positive electrical charge at the area where rust is occurring because electrons are robbed. The electronic corrosion control process introduces a negative surface charge to the metal body which polarizes the microscopic layers of electrical charges that occur along a corroding metal surface. In essence the Auto Rust Warrior module makes it very difficult for the opposite charges of iron and oxygen to connect. Since they are hindered by polarized layers of charges, the negative surface charge - and its corresponding polarized charge layers - reduces the rate of which the iron and oxygen combine, slowing down the corrosion process. In other words, the Electronic Corrosion Control module makes it very difficult for iron and oxygen to combine to form rust.
Protect Your Automobile Body From Rust & Corrosion.


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